Worker’s Compensation

workerscompBroadway Chiropractic Clinic can help treat and alleviate the physical pain experienced from occupational injuries. Occupational injuries can occur in all shapes and sizes, and can happen in an instant or over the course of decades.

Our services are especially suited to help patients recover from traumatic workplace injuries which render an individual unable to work or continue working at their previous capacity. Chiropractic medicine, accupuncture, massage and physical therapies work together to help accelerate the body’s natural healing processes as it addresses the trauma – all while working to alleviate the physical pain and shock resulting from the injury itself.

pelvic-tilt-from-chairA frequently less-acknowledged form of occupational injury is chronic debilitating pain can acrues over time from performing tasks that inflicts wear and tear on the body, back and joints. NSAID pain relievers are commonly found in most offices and workplaces to treat the growing physical pain of workers related to their station. They only mask pain temporarily and never treat their underlying cause. Despite their ability to be harmful, these drugs are passed and shared around because back and joint pain are unfortunately accepted consequences for many of today’s work environments. But this does not need to be – especially for chronic work related injury.

We treat and address a broad scope of occupational and work related injuries. We accept worker’s compensation claims on a per lien basis. If you have any questions please contact our office at (818) 396-8300 or schedule an appointment for a consultation and we’ll get you started along the road to recovery.